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In 2018, Bakri Energy has changed its name to "Be Energy Limited". Be Energy (BE) is an Oil Marketing Company which began its journey in Pakistan in 1994. The company started by exporting petroleum products to the Government of Pakistan. After 11 successful years of solely exporting to Pakistan State Oil, in 2005, Be Energy acquired Provisional Oil Marketing License and embarked on a fresh journey as an OMC in Pakistan. In a short time of 12 years Be Energy has developed a retail network of 350+ Retail Outlets, commissioned terminals at Port Qasim, Machike, ShikarPur and signed a long term fuel supply agreement with HUBCO Narowal. Be Energy holds the privilege of being the first ever OMC to commission the MOGAS terminal at Port Qasim in Pakistan. In the forthcoming year, BE intends to commission terminals at DaulatPur and Mehmood Kot to meet the energy needs of Pakistan. 
Expanding our business into the lubricants industry, Be Energy takes pride in owning one of the finest lubricant blending plants in Pakistan. BE Oils are formulated and designed to meet the new automobile technologies and certifies the unmatched performance of vehicle engines. Be Energy is a proud distributor of Q8 Oils. Q8 Oils is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), one of the world’s largest oil companies. Be Energy enjoys a strong competitive edge due to large storage capacity and hospitality. Several oil marketing companies seek our storage which induces huge amounts of profits into the company consolidating our market strength. 

With dedicated diligence, Be Energy is intended on a journey ”towards better energy.”

BE Evolution

  • 1994

    Be Energy comes to Pakistan

    Started exporting petroleum products to Government of Pakistan

  • 2005

    Marketing License

    Obtained Provisional Oil Marketing License

  • 2006

    Retail Network

    1. Developed retail network of 40 outlets
    2. Commissioned first terminal at Port Qasim
    3. Imported first cargo of Fuel Oil

  • 2009

    HUBCO & Retail Network

    1. Reached the mark of 100 retail outlets
    2. Commissioned second terminal at Port Qasim
    3. Signed long-term Fuel Supply Agreement with HUBCO Narowal

  • 2010

    HUBCO Narowal

    Commencement of fuel supply to HUBCO Narowal

  • 2011

    Imported Lubricants

    Imported first consignment of lubricants

  • 2012

    Retail Network

    Commissioned 3rd terminal at Machike

  • 2013

    Fuel Blending

    1. Oil marketing license was confirmed
    2. First ever Fuel Oil blending facility
    3. Blending of country’s first Fuel Oil cargo

  • 2014

    Storage Assistance

    Assisted largest refinery to commence its operations by offering them storage on hospitality

  • 2015

    HSD & PMG, Aviation, Q8

    1. Started importing HSD and PMG
    2. Stepped into aviation business
    3. Started import and distribution of world renowned Q8 lubricants

  • 2016

    Shikarpur Terminal

    Construction work on 5th terminal at
    Shikarpur started

  • 2017

    Terminals & Depots

    1. Commissioned 4th terminal at Port Qasim and first company to build Mogas tanks at Port Qasim
    2. Commissioned 5th terminal at Shikarpur
    3. Work in progress on 6th & 7th terminal at Sahiwal & Daulatpur

  • 2018


    1. Changed name to "Be Energy Limited" from Bakri Energy.

    2. Expanded the Retail Network to 300 plus retail outlets.

  • 2019


    1. Commissioning of Sahiwal Depot.

    2. Launch of Petrol Station Management Application.

    3. Published first edition of the newsletter “BEYAN"

Be Energy

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